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Dear Scientist,
           I would like to introduce the journal of Research in Molecular Medicine (RMM) which will be an  international

           peer-reviewed journal, which aims to publish high quality basic and clinical research in the fields of molecular medicine.

           In this Journal, we will focus on the research in molecular aspects of diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disorders,

           allergic diseases, genetic diseases, infectious diseases, and psychiatry disorders. RMM will be welcome to receive

           manuscripts throughout the world. For this matter, manuscripts from authors anywhere worldwide will be considered

            for publication. We are committed to maintain high scientific standards and a broad international coverage ensured

            by internal and external editorial boards with extensive academic qualifications. 
            RMM welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence

            in this subject area, and will publish: 
            • Original articles in basic and clinical research
            • Brief articles
            • Case studies
            • Critical reviews, systematic review, opinions, commentaries

            • Letter to editor.
            According to your expertise, unparalleled curricula and vast knowledge in the fields of research in molecular medicine

            we will welcome your manuscripts relating RMM aims, to submit through the RMM website: 
            If you experience any problem, please contact to our editorial office by e-mail at:



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